Who is Chuck Norris Wife, Gena O’Kelley? Wiki-Bio, Children, illness.

Chuck Norris is a man who simply has it all. One of the best Hollywood has to offer, Norris enjoyed an amazing acting career. A natural talent for acting and skills to put his talents to use, Norris was simply the best. Similar to his professional career, Norris’s personal life was a gradual ladder. Even though he once tied the knot Dianne Holechek, it took Norris a second try to find marital success. He tied the knot with model Gena O’Kelley and the pair have been happily married for 22-years. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Gena O’ Kelley.

Early Life:

Gena was born on the 10th of August 1963, in California USA. Born to Annette M. and Alan Gordon O’Kelley, Gena spent much of her early life with her siblings, Eric, Elizabeth, and Maureen. Raised in a normal household, Gena had the best of childhood and was supported by her parents in all aspects of her career. As far as academia goes, Gena has revealed very little about her education. While it is believed that she graduated from a local high-school, Gena has not revealed if she went off to college or chose to pursue her career.

Meeting Chuck:

Much of Gena’s professional career is tied with Chuck Norris. While it is believed that Gena began working as a model from her early years, there is no substantial fact to prove those claims. She began her career in the 70’s and carried it through to the 90’s, which was when she first met Chuck.

Gena O'Kelley with her husband Chuck Norris.
Gena O’Kelley with her husband Chuck Norris.

Chuck first saw Gena when she was performing a minor role in a theater play. Even though Chuck was on a date with another lady, he was intrigued by Gena and asked his agent to set up a date with her. The pair first met as friends which gradually developed into a loving relationship. 

Second Marriages:

During the time Chuck and Gena met, both were fresh off a divorce. Gena was on the back of marriage to Gordon Hinschberger and already had two kids, Kelley and Tim. On the other hand, Chuck had just come out of a 30-year marriage with Dianne Holechek. The pair divorced in 1988 which was around the same time that Gena and Chuck met.

The pair tied the knot on the 28th of November 1998 and gave birth to twins, Dakota Alan Norris and Danielle Kelley Norris. Following her marriage to Chuck, Dakota was featured in the show Yes Dear in 2003. She was also the host of Praise the Lord and made an appearance on the show, Hannity.

Personal Troubles:

In 2013, Gena went for a series of routine MRI scans for rheumatoid arthritis. However, she had Gadolinium injected into her body on three separate occasions. This caused tremors in her body and induced sharp pains and burning sensations. Talking about health, Gena revealed,

[It was] as if acid had been passed through it. The burning was isolated at first, but it just kept spreading. Before this, I was a vibrant person. In fact, I’d say my health and fitness levels would have put me in the top 10 percent of people in the world back then.”

The pair took decisive action and filed a civil suit against Mckesson Corporation, and 10 other pharmaceutical distributors and companies for $10 million for the physical pain and financial loss. Later she went on treatment in a clinic in Nevada and it took five months laying in bed on an IV with proper nursing care. Since, Chuck has left acting to take care of his wife.

“I’ve given up my film career to concentrate on Gena, my whole life right now is about keeping her alive. I believe this issue is so important.”

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