Getting to know Dirty Mudder Truckers Cast, their age, partners, kids.

Dirty Mudder Truckers may not have been the racing show we asked for, but it is the one we need. From the exciting thrills to impossible terrain, the show is packed with thrill around every corner. One of the newest series on the blocks, Dirty Mudder Truckers began airing on the 27th of May 2019 and has three seasons so far. The series features the Dirty 7 crew as they are challenged by the monster truckers to race on tough-as-nails tracks. In this article, we will take a closer look at the main cast members of the show.

Pete Euerle:

On his trusty Chasin’ Paper, Pete Euerle is not the cleanest or richest of racers out on the track. Most of his car is made up of things he found in the flea market, duct tape, and zip ties. And while Pete does get a bit of a stick for the way he uses his truck, he doesn’t seem to care. For Pete as long as the car is rolling, he is good to go. Pete describes his racing style as “checkers or wreckers”, and goes all out in his races. As Pete puts it, “I’m gonna give it everything I have, come hell or high water!.”

Pete Euerle

Pete was born on February 11, 1978, in North Port, Florida. He is an American by nationality and has a passion for motorsports since he was a kid. He started racing dirt bikes and four-wheelers when he was young, and later moved on to mega trucks. He joined the Dirty 7 crew, a group of friends who race against other teams on tough-as-nails tracks.

Pete’s truck, Chasin’ Paper, is a 1986 Chevy K30 with a 540 cubic inch big block engine that produces about 800 horsepower. It has a custom-built chassis, suspension, and drivetrain, and weighs about 7000 pounds. Pete says he named his truck Chasin’ Paper because he is always chasing money to fix it.

On the relationship side of the thing, Pete is divorced from his ex-wife whom he bore children. As of now, Pete shares a loving relationship with his girlfriend Jisel Lavinder and doesn’t shy away from professing his love for her on social media.

Randy Priest:

Randy Priest is a mega truck racer who drives a truck named Mudstick, which is a 2003 Dodge Dakota that comes with an all Alumunium 548, big block Chevy blower motor, 1471 Hi Helix Metro, and 1600 Horse Power. He built Mudstick in four months to prove that he doesn’t need a college degree or a fancy job to build something like that. Randy has been racing mega trucks for nearly a decade.

Randy was born on April 22, 1975, in Rockmart, Georgia, US. Randy was nicknamed Stick Boy when he was a kid because he was so skinny. He took that name and made it into Mudstick, which reflects his personality and racing style. Andy grew up in Georgia where he began his schooling and later attended Haralson County High School.

Randy Priest along with wife Lesha Priest and two children Eva and Cole

Delving into his personal life details, Randy is a married man. He is married to his longtime wife Lesha Priest. The couple tied the knot in 2001. In over two decades of marriage, the couple has two children. Their eldest Cole Priest was born on July 30, 2003. Then came their only daughter Eva Priest on April 13, 2006.

Wes Railing Jr.:

Wes Railing Jr. is a mega truck racer who drives a truck named Ridin’ Dirty, which is a 2000 Ford F-250 with a 460 cubic inch engine that produces about 600 horsepower. He built Ridin’ Dirty in his backyard with his dad and his friends.

Wes started racing when he was 14 years old. He says he loves the adrenaline rush and the challenge of racing on muddy tracks. He is part of the Dirty 7 crew, a group of friends who race against other teams on tough tracks. He is featured on Dirty Mudder Truckers, a reality show that follows the Dirty 7 crew as they compete across the country.

Wes Railing Jr. & his wife Kaitlyn Railing

Aboard the Ridin’ dirty mega truck, Wes Railing Jr. is one of the few truckers to use an alcohol injector. Playing to his strengths, Wes knows that as soon as he puts the pedal to the metal he has all the power he needs. The Ridin’ dirty is one of the best jumpers on the track, and Wes cannot get enough of the adrenaline rush of sitting in the driver’s seat. While not occupied by profession Wes can be found spending quality family time. Wes is happily married to Kaitlyn Railing. The pair is yet to welcome their first child. Talking about his roots Wes is from Orlando Florida and attended East River High School.

Jimmy Yeager:

Jimmy Yeager is a mega truck racer who drives a truck named Steamboat, which is a 1997 Ford F-150 with a 460 cubic inch engine that produces about 500 horsepower. 

Born and raised in Florida, Jimmy has been racing since he was 15 years old. He says he loves the thrill and the camaraderie of racing with his friends. He is part of the Dirty 7 crew, a group of friends who race against other teams on tough tracks. He is featured on Dirty Mudder Truckers, a reality show that follows the Dirty 7 crew as they compete across the country

Jimmy Yeager

Equipped with a 632 alcohol-injected big block Chevy engine, Jimmy Yeager is not messing around. On the track, The Riddle handles well and Jimmy feels comfortable in the driving seat. While he does admit that he gets nervous before races, the race track is where he feels the most at home.

Chris Libak:

Chris Libak is a mega truck racer who lives for the thrill of the game. He drives a truck that he built with his friends and races against other teams on challenging tracks. He is a cast member of Dirty Mudder Truckers, a show that showcases his adventures and antics.

Chris Libak was born on the 28th of February 1992 in Fort Myers, Florida. He is an American by nationality and has had a passion for racing since he was a kid. He grew up in his hometown alongside his sister Jessica Libak. He started racing cars and trucks when he was 12 years old and later moved on to motocross four-wheelers and mega trucks. He grew up watching Scott Sweat as the king of the track and always looked up to him as a driver until he got behind the wheel himself and started winning more races than his idol.

Chris Libak along with his wife Jordan Libak & two daughters

Chris drives Animalistic Mega Truck which is a 2019 Chevy Silverado with a 392 cubic inch engine and a nitrous cylinder that produces about 700 horsepower. And he’s not afraid to let you know that he drives the most dominant truck on the track today, but he’s got the stats to back up the swagger. He’s not here to make friends, he’s here to race. He has people angling to grudge-match him all over the country, but he’s looking beyond the weekly races and has his eyes on the season’s prize: The Belt. He thinks his biggest competition is Scott Sweat from his own crew.

Delving into his personal life, Chris is a married man. He is married to Jordan Libak and they are parents to three lovely daughters.  He lives in Fort Myers, Florida, with his family. He often posts photos of his wife and kids on his Instagram account. He says he loves his family more than anything and tries to balance his racing career with his family life.

Nick Vilmanis:

Nick Vilmanis was born on November 10, 1976. A current resident of Tarpon Springs, Nick is married to Tina Vilmanis. Together the couple co-parents their children.

Nick Vilmanis along with his children

When on the track, Nick is like no other and has only one agenda, to get to the finish line first. Aboard the Grass Money truck, Nick believes that the truck represents the community. On the track for the adrenaline rush, Nick makes sure that, when he is racing, he leaves nothing on the table.

Keith Spiker:

Keith Spiker was born on May 22, 1978, in Lakeland, Florida. Out on the tracks, Keith is there to represent his family. Atop the four-wheel steering Hammerhead, Keith revealed that he and the truck share the same name. Keith got the nickname from his uncle, who named him Hammerhead for trying to do the same thing over and over again until he gets it right. Having raced for 8 years, Keith also owns a tire shop and provides tires for the team. Not afraid to get in people’s faces, Keith doesn’t mind getting up close and personal. Keith is married to Brittney Johnson-Spiker. The pair is yet to give birth to their first child. From the previous relationship, Keith has a son Case Spiker in his 20s.

Keith Spiker and his wife Brittney Johnson-Spiker

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Cast NameBirthdateBirthplaceAgeSpouse/Partner
Pete EuerleFebruary 11, 1978United States45N/A
Randy PriestApril 22, 1975Rockmart, Georgia, United States48Lesha Priest
Jimmy YeagerN/AUnited StatesN/AN/A
Chris LibakFebruary 28, 1992Fort Myers, Florida, United States31Jordan Libak
Nick VilmanisNovember 10, 1976United States46Tina Vilmanis
Keith SpikerMay 22, 1978Lakeland, Florida, United States45Brittney Johnson-Spiker

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