Daisy Josephine Sudeikis: The Celebrity Daughter of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Daisy Josephine Sudeikis is the second child and only daughter of the famous Hollywood couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. She was born on October 11, 2016, in New York City, and has an older brother named Otis Alexander Sudeikis, who was born in 2014. Daisy Josephine Sudeikis is a Libra, like her mother, and shares her middle name with her maternal great-grandmother.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameDaisy Josephine Sudeikis
Date of birthOctober 11, 2016
Place of birthNew York City, USA
Zodiac signLibra
ParentsJason Sudeikis (father) and Olivia Wilde (mother)
SiblingsOtis Alexander Sudeikis (older brother)
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown
HobbiesPlaying with her brother, listening to music, watching movies
Favorite foodUnknown
Favorite colorUnknown
NicknameDaisy Jo
Birth flowerMarigold
Meaning of nameDaisy means “day’s eye” and Josephine means “God will increase” 
Famous namesakesDaisy Ridley (actress), Daisy Lowe (model), Josephine Baker (dancer), Josephine Langford (actress)
Fun fact #1She was born on the International Day of the Girl Child 
Fun fact #2She shares her birthday with Cardi B, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Eleanor Roosevelt
Fun fact #3She is the granddaughter of Andrew Cockburn (journalist) and Leslie Cockburn (filmmaker)
Fun fact #4She has Irish, German, Lithuanian, English, and Scottish ancestry
Fun fact #5She loves to wear dresses and skirts
Fun fact #6She has a collection of stuffed animals and dolls
Fun fact #7She is a budding actress and has appeared as Rosie in 2022 movie Don’t Worry Darling
Olivia Wilde & Daughter Daisy Josephine Sudeikis

How Daisy Josephine Sudeikis Got Her Name

Her first name, Daisy, means “day’s eye” and her middle name, Josephine, is the feminine form of Joseph. Wilde suggested they named their daughter Daisy. Daisy Josephine’s middle name comes from both her maternal and paternal ancestry. She shares ‘Josephine’ with her great-great-grandmother from Wilde’s side of the family.

Daisy Josephine Sudeikis First Photo on Instagram

Olivia Wilde announced her birth on Instagram, with a photo of Daisy sleeping peacefully. She captioned the photo with “There goes the neighborhood. Daisy Josephine Sudeikis. Born, like a boss, on #internationaldayofthegirl.” The hashtag referred to the United Nations’ initiative to promote girls’ rights and empowerment worldwide.

Daisy Josephine Sudeikis’ Relationship with Her Brother Otis

Daisy Josephine Sudeikis has a close bond with her brother Otis Alexander Sudeikis, who is two years older than her. Otis was born on April 20, 2014. Olivia Wilde often shares photos and videos of the siblings playing together, reading books, dressing up, and having fun.

Daisy Josephine Sudeikis’ Favorite Activities and Hobbies Daisy

Josephine Sudeikis enjoys various activities and hobbies with her family. She likes to go to the park, ride bikes, play with dolls, paint, draw, and bake cookies. Daisy Josephine Sudeikis is also interested in learning new things and exploring new places. She has traveled with her parents to different countries.

Daisy Josephine Sudeikis’ Life After Her Parents’ Split and Custody Battle

Daisy Josephine Sudeikis’ life changed dramatically when her parents announced their split in November 2020, after nine years of being together. The couple had been engaged since 2013 but never married. Their breakup was followed by a contentious custody battle that lasted for more than a year. The exes had different preferences on where to raise their children: Wilde wanted to live in Los Angeles, while Sudeikis preferred New York City. They also had disputes over child support payments and visitation rights.

The custody case was finally settled in September 2023, and the court ordered Sudeikis to pay Wilde $27,000 a month in child support as well as 25% of her childcare costs. The settlement was based on their estimated incomes: Sudeikis made $10.5 million, while Wilde made $500,000. They also agreed to share joint custody of Otis and Daisy, operating on a “week-on, week-off” schedule. Despite their differences, Wilde and Sudeikis are committed to co-parenting their children and maintaining a civil relationship for their sake.

Daisy is often spotted spending time with both of her parents and her brother. She seems to have a close bond with her father, who makes her laugh and supports her interests. She also gets along well with her mother, who celebrates her birthday and milestones on social media. Daisy is growing up to be a happy and healthy girl who has the love and support of her family.

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