Who is Anne Koppe? Inside the life of Jordan Belfort’s fiancee.

Jordan Belfort tells a story of redemption. A former fraudster turned motivational speaker, Belfort has been the subject of much media attention. His biopic ‘Wolf of the Wall Street’, which was later converted into a movie with the same name, became the subject of much attention and even kickstarted the career of Margot Robbie. But behind all the glamor, drugs, sunken ships, Belfort’s story is one of redemption. In the story of Belfort, a name that most often comes up, besides his own, is Anne Koppe. While Koppe was never featured in the movie nor talked about in his books, she has been instrumental in helping Belfort to find his way after already losing it once. The third wife of Belfort, Koppe rarely gets the mention she deserves. So, for this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Anne Koppe.

Early Life:

Born and raised in California, there is no credible source as to when Koppe was born. While many sources place it in 1967, a few sources place it a year after that. Born to Bruce Koppe and Helen Koppe, Koppe spent most of her early life in California and attended the Marin Catholic High School in Kentfield. Koppe continued on with her education after graduating high school and enrolled at the University of San Diego. She graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Jordan Belfort wife to be Anne Koppe

Professional Career:

Much of what Koppe has done over the years has been closely linked with Belfort’s career and his rehabilitation. When Belfort came out of prison in 2007, he was lost. In comes, Anne Koppe, who was hired by Belfort to work for him as his business manager. Around the time Belfort was gearing up to open his firm, Global Motivation Inc. Despite having worked in a few odd jobs to support her early years, Koppe geared on for the role and took it to heart. Since then, Koppe has helped Belfort to expand the business globally and at present is his greatest motivator. 

Personal life:

Anne Koppe and Jordan Belfort first met in 2008. At the time, Belfort had come out of prison, had released his memoir, and was bearing the weight of his crimes. But despite the early failures, Belfort wanted to work on something new and was gearing up to launch, Global Motivation Inc. Koppe came in right at the start and started helping Belfort to build the foundation for what would become a global name in the business. The pair began dating after Koppe served as Belfort’s business manager for a few months. After four years as a couple, the pair got engaged in 2012 and while they are yet to get married, it is surely on the way. Before meeting Belfort, Kopp was in a relationship from which she has a son, Bowen Boullianne. The family of three live together in Brisbane. 

Supporting her fiance:

Jordan Belfort hasn’t always made the best of choices. When he was released in 22 months, there was a major outcry in Wall Street claiming for a longer sentence. Belfort was haunted by the fact and could do nothing to stop them. However, Koppe has been supportive of her fiance and has not only successfully fended off the faction demanding a longer sentence but also wrote a letter to the judge claiming how Belfort was a changed man. 

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