Who are the swamp people Aaron Lee and Brock Theriot from Swamp People?

Aaron Lee and Brock Theriot were the later additions to the cast of the reality TV series, Swamp People. Best friends turned into hunting partners, Aaron and Brock have known each other since kids. Many people say that the pair spend so much time together, that they are even starting to even look the same. And while both Aaron and Brock are young and lack experience, they are more than eager to prove their strengths. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Aaron Lee and Brock Theriot.

Aaron Lee:

Standing height of 5 feet 11 inches Aaron Lee was born in 2000 in Thibodaux, Louisiana, little is known about Aaron’s parents or what they did. Aaron graduated from the local Thibodaux High School before enrolling at Nicholas State University.

Brock Theriot, Troy Landry, Aaron Lee
Brock Theriot(L) and Aaron Lee alongside veteran hunter Troy Landry

Aaron joined the cast of Swamp people at the bequest of his friend Brock. Aaron lives and breathes by the principal, Lache Pas La Patate. The French word means to not give up so easily. Aaron embodies the same principle when it comes to gator hunting. As the deckhand of the boat, Aaron took the responsibility to keep the gators in line so that Brock could get his shot off.

Aaron joined the Swamp People in 2020 during the 11th season. Following the debut season, Aaron has not returned for more television roles. Off the camera. Aaron is into baseball and has worked as a coach for a local baseball team. Delving into his personal life, Aaron is currently in a relationship with Gabrielle Hodson.

Brock Theriot:

Brock Theriot was born on March 8, 2000, and in Houma, Louisiana, United States. The birthday makes him 22 years old. Brock comes from a family of gator hunters as his family has been involved in hunting forever. The tricks of the trade have been carefully passed down from one generation to another and Brock is young blood in line to carry the family baton. 

Swamp People new cast brock Theriot
Rising gator hunter Brock Theriot

Brock grew up in Huma where he attended Houma Christian High School. Following graduation, he enrolled in college. Similar to his partner Aaron, Brock is a baseball fanatic and plays for the Delgado Community College. He is a right-sided pitcher and right-batsman. Brock was keen on continuing his career as a high school baseball player and dreamed of going pro.

Delving into his television exploits, Brock made his Swamp People debut in 2019 and appeared in 8 episodes until 2020. Swamp People season 14 premiered on January 5, 2023, on History Channel, and Brock no longer is listed as a cast member.

Hunting together:

Brock and Aaron have been hunting since forever. The pair not just only gators but are also into hunting ducks. Aaron rarely misses a duck hunting season and Brock accompanies Aaron through all of his exploits. And while there is a stark difference between hunting ducks and hunting gators, the pair look to carry on their camaraderie when it comes to hunting.

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