Aaron Kirman Bio: Age, Dating Status, Net Worth & Interesting Facts

If you are looking for someone to do the real estate job that has been nagging you for quite a while, you can’t simply go better than Aaron Kirman. The Los Angeles-based real estate agent is the 5th highest producing agent in the nation by individual volume. A high-profile real estate agent, Kirman’s client list includes equally high profile celebrities like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom and royal families from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait. In this article, we examine the wiki-bio of Aaron Kirman.

Early Life:

Aaron Kirman was born on the 24th of September 1978 in Encino, California. Born and raised in Encino, Aaron’s father was in the trucking business while his mother worked as a teacher. Growing up, Kirman suffered from dyslexia which left him unable to properly pronounce the letter R. As a result, Kirman dreaded the first day of each school year as he was asked to state his name by his teachers. From a young age, Kriman realized that he was gay. Coupled with his dyslexia, this made it difficult for Kirman to make friends. After passing his matriculation from a local high school, Kirman applied for the University of Southern California. Even though he wasn’t selected initially, Kirman wrote a letter describing his condition and stating his desire to join the University. As a result, Kirman graduated with a bachelors’ degree in business and communications.

Real estate agent, Aaron Kirman
Real estate agent, Aaron Kirman

Professional Career:

While still at college, Kriman began exploring opportunities in real estate. Aged 19, Kirman sold his first real estate and continued to climb the ladder. Over the years, Kirman averaged $300 million to $400 million in home sales and made $3.5 billion in lifetime home sales. The president of Aaroe Estates, Kirman also served as the president of the Pacific Union Luxury Estates Division and is currently working as the president of international estates for Compass.
Throughout his work-life as a real estate agent, Kriman has made several high-profile listings. Some of his sales include the Case Study 21 house (designed by Pierre Koenig), Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, as several houses designed by Richard Neutra, Frank Gehry, Paul Williams, Oscar Niemeyer, Rudolph Schindler, and John Lautner.

Kriman was also behind the sales of the Beverly House, the Edie Goetz Estate, the Eddie Thomas House, and The Mountain Beverly Hills. These accounted for some of the most expensive property listings in Los Angeles.
With Kirman’s stock on the rise, it was only a question of time when his accolades would be recognized. He was named as the 5th highest producing agent in the nation by individual volume and his team earned a respectable No. 10 position in the country by volume and the largest in Los Angeles.

Reality T.V Personality Aaron Kirman
Reality T.V Personality Aaron Kirman

Apart from being actively involved in the real estate business, Kirman is also actively involved in reality TV. He is a regular contributor in the hit CBN reality series, Secret Lives of the Super Rich. The series focuses on the life of wealthy people and explores what the buy, how they travel, and their day to day livelihood.

Personal Relationships and Net Worth:

Even though Kriman had realized he was gay from a young age, he came out at a much later date. And while the man hasn’t revealed much about his past relationships, he did state that he is open to new relationships.

Aaron Kirman
Aaron Kirman

As of 2020, Kirman’s net worth is estimated to be more than USD 10 million.

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